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General Practitioner services available in Muonio (ATTENTION! We’ll close down on 21.12.2023)

Contact Information:
Lääkäriasema Terva (a private general practitioner)
Mr. Tuomas Liikavainio, GP, PhD
Address: Puthaanrannantie 15 B, as. 1, 99300 Muonio (Close to the centre of Muonio)

Appointments: +358 44 972 2878
Opening times: Mon-Fri, other times by appointments.
Please call the Medical Centre Terva first also on Mon-Fri.

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Lääkäriasema Terva is a private medical centre providing general practitioner and Occupational health care services near you. We offer patient-centered care and comprehensive laboratory diagnostics as well as the basic examinations of clinical physiology (e.g. ECG, Holter, spirometry and audiometry). The radiological examinations (x-ray) are provided in collaboration with Muonio Health Centre on weekdays. You’ll need a physician’s referral for radiological examinations. Please, have a nice visit in Lapland. – We’ll take care of you.


General practitioner’s appointment: Prices vary according to the length of consultation. For example a max. 20 min appointment on weekdays 63.50 € and on weekends 83 € (In addition an office fee 10 €). The laboratory or additional examinations will be charged in addition to the Physician’s fee.